About Us


Feel at Home Away From Home.

At START Wellness, our home clinic, it is our priority to make sure your comfort is looked after. Our linens are always laundered fresh after each use, the clinic rooms and products are completely allergen free, and our equipment are always properly maintained.  
You are our guests and we strive to treat every patient as such. Our bathroom is kept extremely clean with fresh towels available, and if you need something to drink feel free to ask anytime!  We respect the needs of each of our guests, so if you would like the music changed, lights dimmed, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Personalized Treatment Plans.

The first treatment plan will involve a thorough intake to make sure we cover important areas like 'past injuries', allergies, and current symptoms.  We understand that not everybody is the same with regards to pressure, pain tolerance, etc, so once a treatment plan is formulated for you, there will be continuous checking in during the session to make sure the treatment is comfortable. 
At any point during the treatment, if there is anything you do not like or prefer, we will adjust our technique or pressure to suit your requests.  We apply a holistic approach to determine the best course of action in dealing with any issue. You are in charge of the treatment, and we are here to facilitate your needs!

Experience that Matters.

Our therapists have years of experience working in varying clinical settings (ranging from professional athletes to paliative care in hospitals).  Each therapist has the expertise needed to apply a flexible treatment plan, and adapt on the go should the situation require it.  Having worked for multiple clinics, organizations, and house calls prior to START Wellness, each therapist will feel confident in their approach to dealing with whatever concern you may have.  

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