Massage Therapy Details

START Wellness requires a medical health history and consent form from each patient. To save you time, START Wellness will email you the forms to fill out prior to the treatment. Please fill out and bring to the treatment session. If you're unable to fill out, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Relaxation massage:  To help decrease stress and tension in the body by using Swedish technique to manipulate tissue and muscles. Overall improve circulation and wellness in the body

Deep tissue massage:  Used to help decrease chronic tension and stress accumulated in the muscle through long period of time.  Slower techniques is generally used in this treatment to lengthen muscle and fascial restriction. Different techniques are used such as: trigger point, dynamic release, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques.

Pregnancy massage (Pre & Post):  Pregnancy massage is recommended throughout all three trimester to help alleviate muscle soreness, pain in lower back and swelling in lower legs.  The massage is customized to each individual with specific complaints they are experiencing.

Post surgery care:  Help promote healing of tissue and muscle around the surgery site, 6 weeks post op.  Range of motion exercise is shown by therapist through different stage of healing. In addition scar tissue work is applied to help decrease tissue restriction.

Acupuncture: Used to decrease pain and tension in the muscle by stimulating body's natural healing response. A thin hair-line needle is inserted into specific acupuncture points and left in for 20 minutes.  The acupuncture needles will be stimulated throughout the 20 minutes to trigger the body's chemical release. It is applied as part of the treatment when the therapist determines its best for you.  

Kinesiotaping:  Used to improve range of motion, stabilize a joint and decrease swelling and inflammation.  It is a thin tape that acts as a second to help lift up fascial restriction and improved circulation.  If there is no skin allergy or allergic reaction to adhesive, the tape is able to stay on for 3-5days.  The kinesiotape is also waterproof. 

Corporate Wellness:  This is a program offered by some employers in your workplace to educate you on health and wellness. We work with Human Resources (HR) event  coordinator to help promote this through in-chair or table massages.

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